Experiential Retail Webinar

WEBINAR: How to Train Your Dealer’s Seasonal Staff with Nicole Mazzola, Head of Retail Operations, Ministry of Supply

On November 14th , Myagi presented a Webinar hosted by CEO, Simon Turner & Head of Retail operations of Ministry of Supply, Nicole Mazzola.

Ministry of Supply, a fast-growing fashion company, explains how training new hires effectively is no longer a monstrous task with varying results. Nicole’s new methods allow brands to communicate directly with the staff on the floor to make sure they get the information they need to do their job right and represent the brand accurately.

About our guest Nicole:

Nicole Mazzola is the Head of Retail Operations at Ministry of Supply. While leading the company’s training program, she realized there had to be a better way to onboard staff quickly.  As part of her plan, two years ago Nicole began using Myagi to create consistency in product knowledge and operations training for all of their stores

Ministry of Supply is a clothing brand and retailer founded in 2012 to solve the problems of stiff, high-maintenance dress clothes. By understanding your body in motion and using innovative materials, the company is inventing apparel that’s sweatproof, highly stretchable, and machine washable—dress clothes you actually want to wear.

No time to watch the vid? Here’s a summary of what we learned :

  • Previously, Ministry of Supply used to have a “take what you know and share it” approach, unfortunately, this process meant things may have gotten lost in translation or weren’t shared at all so it was difficult to get Retail Experience Associates completely up to speed
  • While the HQ team at Ministry of Supply had a wealth of knowledge, they experience knowledge dilution or blockage and the knowledge couldn’t or didn’t travel well down to the sales floor. There was no central platform where staff could access all the key resources as they were all quite dispersed
  • Previously, depended on 100 product manual that was quite difficult to retain and engage staff. This made it difficult to track the level of knowledge that staff had, and it was demanding for Store Managers to get the staff up to speed as well
  • Previously took a month for associates to ramp up to fully trained, now with Myagi, it’s taking 1-2 weeks, even down to 5 days in some cases. With also, the flexibility of learning from home.
  • The effect: Increased confidence of sales staff to interact with customers in week 1. Increased connection to the brand & extremely positive feedback on the new way of learning in Myagi.
  • The key to creating training material even for seasonal staff: Anything a designer knows, the retail team should also know in a digestible format. Even if it may not be used in the selling process, it is still good for staff to know.
  • No matter whether the staff are seasonal or not, training should look exactly the same across your staff, except perhaps done much quicker.
  • Create a mixture of high-level information that are quick and digestible but also deep dives – lessons that are more in-depth information on specific topics
  • Myagi has become the source for all important updates vs. dispersed messaging platforms, email etc. This is to bring their staff back into the platform.
  • Sales staff are understanding a more human connection with their customers and how the brands can fit in the customer’s lifestyle.
  • Due to increased knowledge on the sales floor, this has inadvertently also resulted in increased confidence and loyalty that customers have for the brand.
  • Nicole’s biggest advice:
    • Plan out your channels, lessons and plans beforehand.
    • Understand how your staff is going to sell products, why they sell it that way and matching the platform to reflect that.
    • Get your retail teams involved in the process – ask your teams for feedback and what they’d like to learn.