The deadline may have passed, but your need for GDPR education has not

You’re probably bored of hearing about GDPR by now, so I’ll try and keep this brief!

From receiving emails from companies you signed up to years ago desperate to keep hold of your data, to the panic you may have noticed in the marketing and data handling teams in your own business- GDPR has dominated the chatter of the business world in 2018.

And whilst you (hopefully) have now addressed any potentially non-compliant aspects of your business, that is just the start of your GDPR journey. I know what you’re thinking – ‘Can’t it just go away now?’ And whilst it has at times seemed overwhelming, the reality of these new regulations are exactly that – regulations that your business must abide by to stay on the right side of the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

One of the biggest gaps we have identified when speaking to retailers is that even though the C-Suite, management, and specific departments of the business have worked hard to ensure GDPR compliance, many other members of staff are unaware that the new regulations have even come into place and what it means to them. Sales associates and front of house staff, in particular, have been vastly underserved by training on how GDPR will impact them in their day to day roles.

What is more worrying is that more often than not, violations of data protection regulations in the workplace come from ignorance and errors, not malice: If you are not providing sales associates with the knowledge that they need to stay compliant, you cannot really hold them responsible for an accidental breach of the GDPR. In the retail environment in particular, it is especially important that all staff have an understanding of data protection principles.

Retail is one of the most targeted industries by data hackers. In 2017 alone, attacks on retailers more than doubled! You are a prime target for those looking to cause harm, a need for everyone in your store, from top to bottom, to have a relevant understanding of data handling best practices is paramount.

With a renewed focus of the ICO on the protection of European citizens data, the need for education is more important and relevant now that the regulations are implemented – More so even than when they were the talk of the business media in Q1.

By making sure your entire workforce (especially those front of house staff who deal directly with customers) have received training on the latest GDPR principles, your business demonstrates to anyone that may audit your data protection practices (from inquisitive consumers to the ICO), that you are striving to achieve the most secure and ‘in-line’ compliance within your business.

gdpr for retail

Giving your people knowledge of and confidence in their jobs and for your business to operate without fear of committing violations is hugely important regardless of the size of your company or how many people you employ. To make sure you can achieve this, Myagi has teamed up with CHL to deliver guidance on the rationale for data protection regulation and an overview of the GDPR. Our training course outlines the six data protection principles and the accountability principle.

This concise and complete course explains the new and enhanced subject data rights, significant compliance issues (such as subject access requests), the impact on direct marketing and personal data breach reporting.

Created in conjunction with CHL and a major international retailer, this course has been tailored to deliver the most relevant and important information that retail staff need. There is also an optional module specific to store or team managers, coaching them to ensure their store is suitably literate in data security.

The Retail GDPR awareness training is structured around four topics

• GDPR – rationale and overview for Retail
• Principles and accountability
• Individual rights
• Applying the GDPR in the Retail Environment

Lectures typically last 4-10 minutes and are include practice activities and resources: i.e. lesson quizzes, a downloadable lecture pdf and a topic bibliography. To find out more click here