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Specialty Retail’s Superpower for Winning Against eCommerce

This article was written following a conversation with Ben Lee about his thoughts on the current state of specialty retail, based on his perspective working at retailers and brands in the sporting goods industry.  It’s not news anymore that times are tough; brick and mortar retail has faced a catalogue of changes and challenges as the year […]

Press Release

Press Release: STAG Buying Group To Partner With Myagi to Digitise Brand and Internal, Training and Communication

UK, October 2019 – The largest sport, shoe, and outdoor buying group in the UK and Ireland, STAG Buying Group, has partnered with a digital software company, Myagi. With their impressive and growing roster of retailers, STAG’s decision to use Myagi is intended to strengthen these and any future relationships. STAG hopes to transform the […]

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Is your business Accessibility and disability ready?

On Sunday, June 3rd 2018, Britain’s Got Talent was won by stand-up comedian Lee Ridley, aka ‘’Lost Voice Guy’’. Cracking jokes through his voice synthesiser, Lee has had audiences in hysterics ever since his first audition. Defeating fellow comedian Robert White in the final, Lee became the first comic to win the show in its […]

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Just Looking Thanks! Audiobook Now Available through Myagi

World-renowned customer service and sales training expert Alf Dunbar is offering his audiobook ‘’Just Looking Thanks!’’ with Myagi. Alf, the founder and creator of ‘’You Are The Difference’’ told Myagi ‘’all the techniques and customer service principals from my programme were put into the book. Very simple, yet very effective. The print version of this […]


Why Retail is just like The Winter Olympics

Watching the Winter Olympics is fascinating. Sure, every sport requires some level of skill, precision, and coordination, but some of these events are mind-boggling. From flying down a mountain at 245 kmp to throwing yourself 8 feet into the air doing a triple body roll, landing on a single leg, which just happens to be […]

NRF 2018 Retail Review

NRF 2018 – Review of the Biggest Show in Retail

‘’The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.’’ Mark Twain That was the impression Andrew Busby, founder of Retail Reflections, took away from the NRF Retail’s Big Show 2018 earlier this month. This famously misquoted saying by Mark Twain is certainly relevant following the optimism and innovation on display at the NRF show this year […]