See Myagi’s views on the future of retail in Deloitte’s Retail Trends Report

Here at Myagi, we’ve been beating the drum for quite some time on the importance of technology in optimising the customer journey and overall experience in retail.

So naturally, we were delighted when the folks at Deloitte asked us to be part of their research on how retailers can better embrace digital technologies and enhance their current in-store customer experience.

We were lucky enough to provide our views alongside some other incredible companies such as BooodlOak LabsFluent Retail and With.me, all of whom are helping retailers and brands connect the dots along the “customer journey” — from store discovery, right through to the in-store physical and human touch points.

The numbers speak for themselves — according to Gallup research, customers who feel like they have an emotional connection to the shopping experience spend 40% more than those that feel like they’re getting a homogenous, stodgy experience. Helping draw attention to this shining beacon of the retail landscape is extremely important for all retailers and brands, so we are thrilled that Deloitte has chosen to carry the torch here on this topic!

Report Link: Retail trends: Vol. 1 – Technology in retail

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