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Press Release: Saucony Partners with Myagi to Increase Retail Support and Transform Customer Experience

San Francisco, October 2019 – Global running lifestyle footwear brand Saucony is looking to provide their retailers with increased support with the help of digital education supply-chain software company, Myagi.  

The decision to use Myagi comes at a time where more than ever, consumers are looking to have informed and seamless experiences when choosing to purchase through brick and mortar stores rather than online. Especially leading into the holiday season, Saucony is looking to improve customer experience associated with its products on the sales floors. According to Sr. Account Marketing Manager at Saucony, Samantha Ben-Simon, 

“One of the greatest challenges we have is conveying an accurate and consistent message from our product and marketing teams to the store staff who are, more often than not, our main point of contact with the consumer.  Myagi will help us share our message more broadly and consistently than we were able to before, not just in the US, but globally.” 

By using the platform, Myagi offers Saucony peace of mind when it comes to knowledge deliverability, efficiency, reach and accuracy from brand HQ to the retail sales floors. By delivering standardized and effective key information through Myagi, the team at Saucony hopes it will empower sales associates to speak clearly and confidently about Saucony products to potential customers, increasing the potential for sale. 

As part of driving sell-through, an additional focus for Saucony is to increase communication and collaboration with its retailers through the use of Myagi. According to Ben-Simon, she is hopeful that Myagi will open the lines of communication between the team at Saucony headquarters and their retailers. Myagi will act as an additional touchpoint beyond what their local sales and field marketing reps have with retailers. Through Myagi, Saucony can answer questions, comments, and receive feedback directly from their retailers to foster improved dialogue both up and downstream. 

CEO of Myagi, Simon Turner is hopeful about what this partnership means for brands like Saucony and their retail experience,

“It’s empowering to see iconic and storied brands like Saucony investing in their knowledge supply chain and providing vital support to their retailers that will help them both, sell better, together. It’s important that Saucony have the tools to get the right information, to the right retailers at the right time, and we’re extremely honoured that they’ve chosen Myagi’s platform to enable better sales and better customer experience”

Though it is early days for Saucony on the platform, Ben-Simon mentions that they are “off to a great start”, seeing significant engagement from retailers and their sales associates in just a few short weeks. The teams at both Saucony and Myagi are hoping to carry this momentum right into the holidays.

About Myagi

Based in San Francisco, Myagi is the knowledge supply chain platform that connects retailers to the brands they carry, allowing them to collaborate, communicate and educate along the commerce supply chain. From designers to marketing, right through to the frontline sales associate, Myagi empowers every worker with the right intel at the right time to create great customer experiences and improve sell-through. Myagi helps brands and retailers in dozens of countries on six continents.