Pedigree Wholesale are innovating communications in specialty pet retail by adopting a digital platform for sharing brand content
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Press Release: Pedigree Wholesale to partner with Myagi, leading innovation in specialist pet industry’s digital communication & training.

United Kingdom, February 2021 — Industry-leading supplier of pet & aquatic goods Pedigree Wholesale want to transform the way the trade shares product knowledge with retailers, and are partnering with digital Go-To-Market Collaboration platform Myagi to roll out their network across the pet industry.

By adding an online platform to their suite of tools for supporting customers, Pedigree Wholesale are optimising communications with retail channels and paving the way for innovation in the specialist pet industry. As suppliers of high-quality product ranges through a number of brands, Pedigree Wholesale understands the impact of its retailers’ in-store experiences and works hard to support specialist retailers to build valuable relationships with customers. Making specialised content for sales staff available on-demand through Myagi’s platform means Pedigree Wholesale will be even more adept at delivering the right information to help retailers create engaging and informative customer experiences.

Gerard O’Mahony, Commercial Director at Pedigree Wholesale says “With increasing demands and changing ways of working, getting the right information to the shopper is becoming increasingly more challenging. At Pedigree we want to support our customers in every way, this includes making sure they have access to the information they need when they need it. Partnering with Myagi allows us to get the right content, to the right people at the right time.”

Pedigree Wholesale were adopting digital tools to support customer collaboration before COVID struck, but with ongoing restrictions and pet stores in the UK classed as essential businesses, launching a digital platform will help Pedigree keep high-quality resources available to their retailers despite changing external conditions.

Gerard added “We’re thrilled to bring this platform to the specialist pet industry. After seeing success in other complex industries, this tool has the potential to transform how we communicate across the full industry. It could not only save time for stores, but also ensure consistent training across all staff members, which can be refreshed at any time. We want everyone to benefit from this fantastic tool, that’s why we are opening up access to the full specialist pet market.”

Myagi is the digital Go-To-Market collaboration platform that helps brands transfer knowledge and enthusiasm across retail networks around the world, helping them to drive sales and customer experience. Myagi’s mission is to help brands keep everyone along the sell-chain customer ready, all of the time. Suppliers can use Myagi to upload custom content and distribute it to the right people, in the right places, at the right times, and measure the success of Go-To-Market activities through analytics to gain transparency over teams’ training performance. Myagi works with speciality retailers across many industries, being well known particularly in sports & cycle, but Pedigree Wholesale are paving the way for adoption in the specialist pet product market.

Modular content distributed through Myagi's platform is easy for suppliers to manage and helps supplement rep visits with engaging information. Quiz questions enhance the memorability of information.
Modular lessons distributed through Myagi’s platform are engaging & informative, supplementing rep visits with on-demand access.

Myagi’s Head of Sales & Customer Success, Richard Smith, is enthusiastic about the partnership: “Having successfully launched Myagi into multiple speciality retail networks, Myagi is very excited to partner with Pedigree and the wider pet industry to help aid collaboration, speed up knowledge transfer and ultimately ensure customers continue to get the exceptional experience they enjoy in many pet stores, large and small.”

Pedigree Wholesale have already rolled out through Myagi to their own retail brand Just for Pets, where staff feedback on content and the platform has been exceptional. They are planning to execute a wider launch of the platform to all their retail partners by the end of this quarter, so look out for your invitation to join. 

Other brands such as Bern Pet food have also joined Myagi, and it is anticipated that several major pet brands will sign up before the platform launches to all UK retailers. 

About Myagi

Myagi is the digital Go-To-Market collaboration platform that connects retailers to the brands they carry, allowing them to collaborate, communicate and educate along the supply chain. From designers and marketing right through to frontline sales associates, Myagi equips every worker with the right intel to be customer-ready all of the time, improving sell-through and building better customer relationships. Myagi works with suppliers and retailers in dozens of specialty retail industries across six continents.

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Pedigree Wholesale is one of the leading distributors of pet and aquatic products into the UK independent retail sector. Since being founded 49 years ago the family business has grown and developed into one of the key players within the pet industry, offering a range of over 12,500 products servicing pet, aquatic and garden centre retailers across the UK via five regional warehouses. Pet Industry Federation Award winner Wholesaler of the Year 2020.

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