Myagi Product Round-up: February

We at Myagi have been cooking up a storm, and February being the shortest month of the year Ironically got the most updates we’ve had thus far in a given month.  Go us!  Don’t worry, we’ve already patted ourselves on the back.


So in no particular order whatsoever, here’s all that’s happened this month—and if you want to tl;dr it (that’s “too long; didn’t read” for all you non-post-millennials), I’ll write who it mostly affects on your team right below the titles.  Here goes:


1. Website Redesigned

Who it applies to: Myagi Visitors, or any users logging in after a session ends

If you’ve gone to our homepage to log into Myagi recently, then you’ve seen the latest revision of our website.  We updated this because we branched into Germany as well this month (oops, sneak peek to item #2) and built a new website for it, then realized that we actually did a better job explaining what Myagi is there than we did on our current site. So we un-translated it back to English and the result is what you see now.



2. Myagi Enters the German Market

Who it applies to: Myagi retailers and brands that have a stake in German/Austrian/Swiss markets

Ich bin ein Myagianer! With the help of one of our newest hire, Birger Dreher, we’ve opened up shop in Munich, Germany and are now bringing on major brands and retailers in that region.  You can read more about the expansion here (or check out the website).


3. Access to World-class Retail Training within Myagi

Who it applies to: Myagi Admins and Managers

This update was a huge one for us. For over 6 months we’ve been working to get over 70 new channels and hundreds of plans into the all-new Myagi Marketplace, where retailers can find relevant educational material to add to their employees’ regular training regimen.  Things like fire safety, bicycle repair & sales skills, upselling strategies, and much more are now just a few clicks away from being downloaded to your sales associates’ minds, Matrix-style (head plugs and wiring not included).


4. Parent-child relationships between Companies

Who it applies to: Myagi Admins on Enterprise Plan

Enterprise users can now request to have their companies structured as parent/child to another company. This means that, sort of like that Matryoshka Doll sitting on your grandmother’s shelf, you can nest a company within a company, which is wildly useful when you are a retailer that wants insight and analytics on another retail company within the same family, or a brand that manages multiple regions and needs to segment out the administration to that region but also retain some central oversight.  If this is something you’re interested in, get in touch with your Account Manager today and we’ll get you set up (do note: this is an Enterprise-level feature).


5. Create a Plan directly from within a Channel

Who it applies to: Myagi Admins and Managers

After encouraging the entire Myagi team to start using Myagi for everything (warning: blog post on this coming soon), we’ve realized collectively where there are some flaws with the flow of certain processes that can lead to a lot of frustration for the rest of our users; one that really bugged us was the inability to create a Plan while within the Channel view, so we added a popup to let you choose to create one there without having to dip out and go back to another view.

To see it for yourself, go to your Channel page here and click on any channel to view it. The button is on the right-hand side and labeled “Add Plans”.


6. New Lesson Type: Documents!

Who it applies to: All content creators

We’ve built out the ability to create a text-based lesson in your Plan, and it supports rich text!  This would be useful if you’re copy/pasting something over that isn’t in PDF form, writing up a bullet point list of facts about your brand, or if you want to write up a few definitions/terms for your staff to memorize.  You can play around with this by adding a new Lesson to a Plan and selecting the “Documents” option.

7. Channels now have a Region to Live

Who it applies to: Brands

We have received a lot of support requests for the ability to restrict a Channel’s viewability to only retailers within a given region in order to avoid confusion. For example, Joe’s Bike Store (real name changed) in Virginia, USA might have accidentally requested access to a channel run by an Australian-only Channel for LemonBike (a brand that sells bikes that are only made from recycled lemon peels, you know since I’m making stuff up) when they were looking for lessons from their US counterpart.

To start setting your channels’ regions, go to the Channel Details tab for any of your shared channels and find the field marked “Region”; click to edit.



Is there anything we missed? What other updates would you like to see next month?