Myagi's next-gen mobile app is here. Image with logo displaying mobile screens of the new app.
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Press Release: Myagi launches Next-Gen App to make sales associates ‘customer ready’

DENVER, SEPTEMBER 2020 – Myagi has released a new mobile app for both Apple iOS and Android devices in order to help their customers ensure their sales channels are customer-ready all of the time, despite the obstacles to travel and communication that 2020 has brought.

Prioritising frictionless access, engagement and collaboration, Myagi’s new app implements a host of improvements to the learner experience based on extensive research into customer challenges around digital training. Key new features include;

  • Team Chat – A chatroom where staff can share information and stay up-to-date with the rest of their team.
  • Trending Content – So sales associates can find relevant information quickly and are more likely to consume more lessons.
  • Leaderboards – A popular feature of our browser platform now available on mobile, tracking points learners earn for completing content so they can watch their progress, level up and compete with coworkers.
  • Universal Search – To make finding the most important content a breeze while in the sale.

Sales Associates can also browse trending content, edit their profiles, and view badges and product discounts they’ve earned while on the go using the app. The app itself delivers a faster and more reliable user experience, with a sleek user interface optimized for learning and ease of access.

3 mobile devices showing screens of new app features.
The new app now includes user profiles, universal search, trending content and leaderboards for tracking points earned by completing content.

Myagi’s mission is to help ensure staff along the commerce supply chain are customer-ready all the time, by getting the right knowledge, to the right places, at the right times. Myagi creates passionate brand advocates by helping brands and retailers build connections between and amongst their teams, allowing effective communication and continuous education of frontline staff. Through engaging and practical content from suppliers, Myagi transfers enthusiasm about brands and products to staff to prepare them to deliver incredible customer experiences and drive sales.

As a digital solution, Myagi can deliver information at a fraction of the cost while also providing far more accountability and visibility than traditional methods, through analytical data about staff’s progress through lessons and their feedback on content.

Myagi has a free version that can be used by any retailer, meaning shop floor staff can access brand training content and chat with their teams via the app without any investment from retailers. During this period of rapid change, where company updates must be delivered quickly and brand reps are still largely unable to visit stores, Myagi poses a timely solution for communication and training, helping retailers of all sizes keep staff in the loop when it matters.

By encouraging memorable and entertaining content presented in short bursts, training on Myagi feels similar to the social media platforms that today’s sales associates are used to. With the introduction of their new app, Myagi are tapping deeper into that familiarity and finding ways to drive regular and consistent engagement by making content easy to access on mobile and by gamifying the training experience. 

A person is viewing their team leaderboard in the Myagi app.
Features like leaderboards will drive engagement through competition.

Push notifications, messaging and competitive elements like points and leaderboards aim to drive staff’s engagement with the app and the content within it, meaning brand and product knowledge stays fresh in the minds of sales associates. Regular engagement with training is crucial to keep sales associates up-to-date and customer-ready all year round, which is why Myagi’s new app focuses heavily on ways to encourage learners to check the app and routinely interact with content.

“Our teams have been working hard for months,” says CEO Simon Turner, “to deliver a beautiful new native mobile experience for the thousands of users relying on Myagi every day to be ‘customer ready’ all of the time. Not only does this app vastly improve the user experience, but it also provides us a solid foundation to test, and build innovative new features that solve our customers’ and users’ everyday problems.”

Though retail has faced significant challenges, many businesses have made quick and creative adaptations in order to continue operating and meet consumers’ new needs and desires. Transformations like this require information to be delivered along the supply chain with efficiency and accountability, something Myagi has been enabling for its customers since 2015, but new circumstances require updated solutions. Myagi determined that an app optimised for engagement would be the most effective way to support customers and keep getting the right knowledge to the right people at the right time.

About Myagi

Myagi is an online platform that helps companies like retailers and their suppliers collaborate to transfer knowledge and enthusiasm along the supply chain, so their sales people are customer-ready all the time. Through effective communication and continuous education, Myagi can help boost brand advocacy and change your sell-through story by equipping frontline staff with the knowledge they need to drive sales. Myagi’s global team supports a wide network of brands and retailers spanning multiple industries around the world, including sports & outdoor, apparel, consumer electronics, beauty and agriculture.

Saskia Rots
Marketing & Social Media Coordinator for EMEA and beyond.