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Just Looking Thanks! Audiobook Now Available through Myagi

World-renowned customer service and sales training expert Alf Dunbar is offering his audiobook ‘’Just Looking Thanks!’’ with Myagi.

Alf, the founder and creator of ‘’You Are The Difference’’ told Myagi ‘’all the techniques and customer service principals from my programme were put into the book. Very simple, yet very effective. The print version of this book has been a huge part of the success of the programme- it’s been read and implemented on a daily basis in stores across the world.  I’m delighted we can bring this online in such an easy to access format’’.

His audiobook is exclusively available to Myagi connected retailers.  As a Myagi retailer, you can connect to the channel here. If you are new to Myagi you can register (with only an email address!) at no cost, and can enjoy access to chapters 1, 2 and 3 RIGHT NOW with more chapters added every week.

Alf Dunbar recording ‘Just Looking Thanks!’

Just Looking Thanks! The Straightforward guide to creating Brilliant Customer Service has been developed by Alf from over 10 years in retail and 17 years as a top performance coach. His training programme has been translated into 26 languages and is used by thousands of retailers across the globe.

In his previous career as a franchisee, Alf transformed the fortunes of the store he operated. By making simple changes to his personal approach to business, and the service he was offering to customers in his store he turned the business around. In this modern age of retail, Alf’s programme has proved that the difference between success and failure is about the attitude the business has to customer experience.

‘’The biggest challenge at the moment for retailers is that you can only do so much with price, and presentation to impact on sales. The main thing you can change is the customer service you offer. Clients say to me that they really need a customer service culture that makes the customer feel valued. In today’s market it’s so competitive, that one of the few ways to stand out, and it really does stand out, is the businesses that offer great service’’ says Alf.

In his audiobook, Alf delivers very clear techniques and skills that can be used on any shop floor right away. Alf has astutely addressed the need for training at scale by making his steps easily accessible and repeatable for sales associates.

‘’Online is becoming an increasingly large part of training.  With Myagi we have developed my programme so people can learn on a tablet, iPhone or computer every day to help recap and master the skills found in You Are The Difference. Online is the future for spreading the skills and keeping a programme alive’’.

For free of charge access to Alf’s Audiobook ‘Just Looking Thanks! The Straightforward guide to creating Brilliant Customer Service’ CLICK HERE.

For more information on Alf’s audiobook click here. You can also listen to his interview with Myagi below.