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Is your business Accessibility and disability ready?

On Sunday, June 3rd 2018, Britain’s Got Talent was won by stand-up comedian Lee Ridley, aka ‘’Lost Voice Guy’’. Cracking jokes through his voice synthesiser, Lee has had audiences in hysterics ever since his first audition. Defeating fellow comedian Robert White in the final, Lee became the first comic to win the show in its 11-year history. Coincidentally, Lee and Robert both live with a disability. Why does that matter? Well, it doesn’t- but with Lee regularly making light of his cerebral palsy, and Robert his aspergers syndrome, the pair have helped to expose the public to a side of disability they may not have experienced before. A side that shows that having a disability does not mean you cannot pursue your dreams and live a rich and fulfilling life.

Whilst it is not necessarily unusual to see people with disability on our TV screens, one thing that this year’s series of Britain’s Got Talent has done, is provide a platform for both Lee and Robert to thrive on, thereby normalising disability for
millions of people.

It is often remarked within the disability community that a lack of education and exposure can foster thinking that people with a disability are in some way ‘’broken’’. What has been clearly demonstrated by positive role models such as Lee and Robert, is that those in the disabled community live life to the fullest and should be treated like any other member of society.

GSA on Myagi

One of the biggest challenges for the disabled community is overcoming stereotypes and misconceptions in their daily lives. The public may get more exposure to accessibility and disability challenged personalities on TV, but without broader and more accessible information and a conscious change in behaviour it is easy to see how, in the workplace or your social life, it’s all too easy to develop misconceptions or unconscious bias towards those with disabilities, regardless of what you might tell yourself.

At a business level, this lack of awareness is mutually harmful – affecting many people and your bottom line at the same time! To ensure your retail business delivers a truly inclusive customer experience, Myagi has teamed up with Get Skilled Access (GSA), to offer a unique training course that will transform your staff into accessibility and disability customer service professionals – Consciously, purposefully, and profitably.

Founded and operated by Paralympic Gold Medalists Dylan Alcott OAM and Nick Morris OAM, GSA is on a mission to break the outdated paradigms of disability and accessibility in the customer service environment. Dylan and Nick are making generational social change by debunking the myths of disability with their customer service training.

Becoming disability confident is a social and business opportunity! Engaging and developing business practices that create positive customer experience for this significant group of people should be seen as an investment. 1 in 3 people with a disability were positively influenced over the last 12 months by an organisations reputation for being supportive of people with a disability. This huge segment of the population are often left feeling underwhelmed or ostracized by businesses and corporations who do not provide the correct experience, and as such, these businesses miss out on a huge opportunity for sales.

We’re not talking about installing ramps or widening isles in supermarkets here- we are talking about enhancing the behaviour of your front line associates, empowering customer friendly and accommodating interactions with every single customer who enters your store.

A quote from the Australian Bureau of Statistics; ‘’Governments and the corporate world need to engage and cater to this demographic far better than current efforts’’. Promoting accessibility in your business should be in everyone’s job description. Become disability confident and make your organisation inclusive by understanding the culture and language of accessibility and realise the financial benefits of making your business truly accessible.


In this 7 part course, you will learn:

  • The business case for disability
  • Defining disability
  • Employing people with a disability
  • How to talk to people with a disability
  • Misconceptions of disability
  • Accessibility challenges
  • Universal Design

Through Myagi’s online training network, your staff will gain access to a unique digital learning experience that will guide them through all the best practices when talking to accessibility challenged customers. Providing this training to your front-line staff will enhance their interactions with accessibility and disability challenged customers, providing not just a sales opportunity for your team, but a true culture of inclusivity within your business, leading to long-term success.

Let Myagi and Get Skilled Access ensure accessibility is not just an afterthought, but an integral part of your customer service experience.


Our free two week review period gives you access to GSA content within Myagi at no cost. Decide if your business is truly delivering inclusive customer experiences – all you need is an email to review this course at no cost. Click here to visit the course.