Experiential Retail Webinar

WEBINAR: Digital Training for Excellent Customer Experience With Kate Stone, Retail Education Manager at Fleet Feet.

People sell what they know. Make sure they know.

Myagi recently presented a webinar hosted by our CEO Simon Turner, who was joined by Fleet Feet’s Retail Education Manager Kate Stone, to delve into how Fleet Feet use Myagi as a key element of their training program.

Fleet Feet are a specialist running retailer in the US that pride themselves on creating excellent customer experiences. Their training program Fleet Feet University has existed for a number of years, but this June Fleet Feet announced they were going digital with training and moving the program onto Myagi, in order to have more control over the distribution of information across their 180 stores.

In this webinar, Kate Stone explains why digital training is so important to ensure reliable communication with employees and the fast spread of information alongside in-store training visits. Having worked in Retail Education at Fleet Feet for a number of years, Stone has some useful insights into making the most out of Myagi and equipping sales associates with the knowledge they need to drive incredible customer experiences.

No time to watch the video? Here’s a summary of what we learned:

  • For the last few years, Fleet Feet have focused on video as a sustainable training method that enables agile & rapid communication with stores and their staff. More videos meant Fleet Feet needed a platform that kept up with content distribution needs, as well as enabling mobile access: enter Myagi.
  • Another key factor in Fleet Feet’s switch to Myagi was their wish to give employees a one-stop-shop for training, allowing them to access training content directly from vendors as well as Fleet Feet, all in the same place.
  • Since Myagi is Fleet Feet’s main way of communicating with employees, it’s important to drive regular engagement and get users logging in every week. Stone achieves this by making sure there is new content uploaded to the platform regularly, and that the content available is valuable to employees.
  • Though digital training can’t replace in-store visits, it hugely increases the speed and reach of information, ensuring that stores in hard-to-reach places don’t get left out and important knowledge is shared whenever it needs to be.
  • Fleet Feet’s big advice for vendors sharing content with them is this:
    • Education has to evolve past the tech sheet: it’s hard to read pages of information on mobile devices, sales associates probably won’t remember all of it, and the customer doesn’t want all the technical specs anyway. Bring the key information to life in engaging videos.
    • Short videos around three minutes long using plain, relatable language are the most effective.
    • Give examples of what real customer conversations sound like, especially objections handling, to equip sales associates with a script that helps them start interacting with customers straight away.
    • Don’t overcomplicate videos: you don’t need high production value or a whole marketing team—Stone makes and edits videos herself using her iPad. As long as the sound quality is good, users will engage—in fact, engagement is higher on content that appears more user-generated than on highly-polished videos.


Saskia Rots
Marketing & Social Media Coordinator for EMEA and beyond.