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Employee Turnover in Retail – 4 Tips for Retaining Staff

It pains your business every year and it pains the industry CONSTANTLY. On average, almost 70% of (part-time) staff will churn in a single year in retail. Without even scratching the surface you can see the huge impact that has on your business:

  • Cost of recruitment
  • Talent leakage (often to competitors)
  • Wasted time & effort
  • Training hours wasted
  • Unsettled work environment

There are a huge number of factors that can affect the amount of staff turnover in retail, and not all of them are bad. Seasonal staff, weekend staff, casual staff – it’s no secret that certain times of the year require more staff than others and that the hiring and firing of staff can be cyclical by nature.

By the same token, retail has NEVER been good at retaining staff. Even the best staff find their excuses to leave. Despite this being a constant pain point for the industry, it seems little is being done to address it. So, as the champions of brick and mortar retail, Myagi want your store to succeed, your staff to be happy and your customers delighted. For that reason we have produced 4 easy ways you can reduce turnover in your business:

1. Onboard Thoroughly

Remember your first day of school? (me neither actually… but you get the point) No one likes being in an unfamiliar environment. If you don’t give new staff a comprehensive onboarding, you will suffer for it in the long run. It is estimated one third of employees know whether they are going to stay with their company long-term after just their first week. Make their first week a great one!

  • Send new staff an email a few days before their first day. Include information about the best travel routes to get to work, what they should do when they arrive on day one, what their first day will consist of
  • Give new starters a tour of your entire property, not just the areas they will work in
  • Introduce them to the entire workforce when they first arrive, even team members they won’t necessarily interact with

Just a few examples of simple ways you can settle a new member of staff and get them feeling confident and welcomed before they start, leading to longer-term commitment.

2 . Invest in Training

No member of staff knows everything. From the products you sell to your companies internal knowledge base, there is always something new to learn. Ensuring all staff have the best information available to them not only helps them perform effectively but makes them feel valued and invested in. When an employee in any job anywhere feels like their employer is investing in them to do the best job possible, turnover is reduced.

From one-to-one conversations on the shop floor, brand reps delivering seminars or more comprehensive and scalable online solutions, training is a great tool that not only increases job satisfaction and commitment from staff, but also supports company goals of driving sales and delighting customers.

3. Maximise role enjoyment

The more you can match the most enjoyable aspects of a job to the interests of the individual, the happier workforce you will have. And guess what? The happier a workforce is, the more productive they become – it is literally a WIN-WIN situation for your business.

‘’If you take care of your employees they will take care of the customers’’ – Richard Branson

We get it, not everyone can just do what they want all the time, but have you asked your staff recently what aspects of the job they enjoy the most? It is easy to assume that because staff have not raised any concerns they are happy doing the role you have asked of them. Of course, that may not be the case.

Once you have an understanding of what individuals in your team enjoy most you can structure your workforce in a way that maximising enjoyment for your team every single shift, increasing commitment and resulting in a more positive environment facilitating long-term commitment.  

4. Stay Positive

‘’Employees don’t leave Companies, they leave Managers’’ – Brigette Hyacinth

The pressures of being in management are great, no one is denying it. But the reality is that poor management of staff is one of the top reasons that employees leave a business. As a leader, you must set the example.

What do you expect from your staff? Do you demonstrate these values to them every day? Do you praise them enough when they perform as you expect? More importantly, what do you do when your own performance is questioned?

We’re not ‘manager blaming’ over here – at Myagi we love supporting retail managers, but it can often be the case that companies see and accept high turnover in retail as standard, and do not do enough to look internally at their own practices or management techniques.

Having great communication techniques, leadership qualities, productivity, emotional intelligence and an understanding of sensitive issues all go a long way in becoming a manager that staff trust, respect and want to work for… and if you’re not quite there yet, you can always polish up on all those skills in the Myagi Marketplace.