Man with headset sits in front of computer, smiling and waving at the person on the screen.

Myagi’s Guide to Selling Via Video Call

At Myagi, we love selling via video call. Our team is based across 3 continents and our customers stretch even further, so we’re used to travel being unviable when it comes to arranging sales meetings. As COVID-19 has halted in-person meetings and international travel, we’re seeing more companies question the necessity of booking flights and […]

Woman filming a video at home adjusts her smartphone on a tripod.

Top Tips for Creating Videos at Home

Though some of us may be stuck at home, the show must go on! If you have a smartphone that can take videos, you are able to create engaging and informative content. Here are Myagi’s top tips for creating effective training videos from home: 1. Select Your Studio Find a quiet place—it’s tricky to remove background […]