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Specialty Retail’s Superpower for Winning Against eCommerce

This article was written following a conversation with Ben Lee about his thoughts on the current state of specialty retail, based on his perspective working at retailers and brands in the sporting goods industry.  It’s not news anymore that times are tough; brick and mortar retail has faced a catalogue of changes and challenges as the year […]

Experiential Retail Webinar

WEBINAR: Digital Training for Excellent Customer Experience With Kate Stone, Retail Education Manager at Fleet Feet.

People sell what they know. Make sure they know. Myagi recently presented a webinar hosted by our CEO Simon Turner, who was joined by Fleet Feet’s Retail Education Manager Kate Stone, to delve into how Fleet Feet use Myagi as a key element of their training program. Fleet Feet are a specialist running retailer in […]

Experiential Retail Webinar

WEBINAR: How to Train Your Dealer’s Seasonal Staff with Nicole Mazzola, Head of Retail Operations, Ministry of Supply

On November 14th , Myagi presented a Webinar hosted by CEO, Simon Turner & Head of Retail operations of Ministry of Supply, Nicole Mazzola. Ministry of Supply, a fast-growing fashion company, explains how training new hires effectively is no longer a monstrous task with varying results. Nicole’s new methods allow brands to communicate directly with […]

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Is your business Accessibility and disability ready?

On Sunday, June 3rd 2018, Britain’s Got Talent was won by stand-up comedian Lee Ridley, aka ‘’Lost Voice Guy’’. Cracking jokes through his voice synthesiser, Lee has had audiences in hysterics ever since his first audition. Defeating fellow comedian Robert White in the final, Lee became the first comic to win the show in its […]

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Just Looking Thanks! Audiobook Now Available through Myagi

World-renowned customer service and sales training expert Alf Dunbar is offering his audiobook ‘’Just Looking Thanks!’’ with Myagi. Alf, the founder and creator of ‘’You Are The Difference’’ told Myagi ‘’all the techniques and customer service principals from my programme were put into the book. Very simple, yet very effective. The print version of this […]

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How Next are already prepared to bounce back from ‘Most challenging period in 25 years’

If you are involved in retail in any capacity you will no doubt have heard the news coming out of the UK retail giant Next last week, admitting it had suffered one of toughest trading periods for 25 years. With annual profits falling just over 8% for the 12 month period ending January 28th, Next […]

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Justifying the cost of retail training

How to demonstrate the real value of sales associate training You know your sales associates are central to the experience customers enjoy in your stores. More and more expectation is placed upon this workforce;  They are your brand advocates, complaints handling team, cash handling trustees, problem solvers and often ad-hoc councillors! Empowering these sales associates […]