Pedigree Wholesale are innovating communications in specialty pet retail by adopting a digital platform for sharing brand content
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Press Release: Pedigree Wholesale to partner with Myagi, leading innovation in specialist pet industry’s digital communication & training.

United Kingdom, February 2021 — Industry-leading supplier of pet & aquatic goods Pedigree Wholesale want to transform the way the trade shares product knowledge with retailers, and are partnering with digital Go-To-Market Collaboration platform Myagi to roll out their network across the pet industry. By adding an online platform to their suite of tools for […]


What does the future hold for Field-Based Brand Reps/Account Managers?

Article first published by Richard Smith on LinkedIn in May 2020 It’s fair to say that anyone whose job still relies mostly on face-to-face contact will have to reimagine the future of their role. This couldn’t be more true for the field-based brand rep. Although this role comes in many shapes and sizes, the basics […]

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Myagi’s Guide to Selling Via Video Call

At Myagi, we love selling via video call. Our team is based across 3 continents and our customers stretch even further, so we’re used to travel being unviable when it comes to arranging sales meetings. As COVID-19 has halted in-person meetings and international travel, we’re seeing more companies question the necessity of booking flights and […]


Does Brand Retail Training belong as a contractual trade term?

If you represent a brand with technical or brand-orientated products that you sell through channel partners such as retailers and distributors, then this article is for you. If not, you’re still very welcome to read on. You already know how important training is for developing capable sales associates and delivering exceptional customer experience. Even beyond […]

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Specialty Retail’s Superpower for Winning Against eCommerce

This article was written following a conversation with Ben Lee about his thoughts on the current state of specialty retail, based on his perspective working at retailers and brands in the sporting goods industry.  It’s not news anymore that times are tough; brick and mortar retail has faced a catalogue of changes and challenges as the year […]

Woman filming a video at home adjusts her smartphone on a tripod.

Top Tips for Creating Videos at Home

Though some of us may be stuck at home, the show must go on! If you have a smartphone that can take videos, you are able to create engaging and informative content. Here are Myagi’s top tips for creating effective training videos from home: 1. Select Your Studio Find a quiet place—it’s tricky to remove background […]

Myagi's next-gen mobile app is here. Image with logo displaying mobile screens of the new app.
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Press Release: Myagi launches Next-Gen App to make sales associates ‘customer ready’

DENVER, SEPTEMBER 2020 – Myagi has released a new mobile app for both Apple iOS and Android devices in order to help their customers ensure their sales channels are customer-ready all of the time, despite the obstacles to travel and communication that 2020 has brought. Prioritising frictionless access, engagement and collaboration, Myagi’s new app implements […]

CASIO's training manager utilising watch features while filming using an iPhone, to create training content.
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How Casio Have Stayed Connected to their Channel Partners During the COVID-19 Retail Crisis Using Myagi

LONDON, UK — Despite the global interruption of retail markets, brands such as CASIO are taking steps to maintain communication with retail staff, even if they cannot actively sell in stores. With social distancing measures in place, sales reps have become immobilised as the physical points of contact between brands and retail stores, forcing brands […]


5 Key Tips for Creating Effective Training Videos

At Myagi, we love video. We know it’s the best way to quickly deliver detailed information to staff, equipping them with the tools they need to provide incredible customer experiences. But just because it can, doesn’t mean it always will—videos aren’t magic (though good editing they can give that impression), and a poorly-planned video can […]

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WEBINAR: Digital Training for Excellent Customer Experience With Kate Stone, Retail Education Manager at Fleet Feet.

People sell what they know. Make sure they know. Myagi recently presented a webinar hosted by our CEO Simon Turner, who was joined by Fleet Feet’s Retail Education Manager Kate Stone, to delve into how Fleet Feet use Myagi as a key element of their training program. Fleet Feet are a specialist running retailer in […]