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Is your business Accessibility and disability ready?

On Sunday, June 3rd 2018, Britain’s Got Talent was won by stand-up comedian Lee Ridley, aka ‘’Lost Voice Guy’’. Cracking jokes through his voice synthesiser, Lee has had audiences in hysterics ever since his first audition. Defeating fellow comedian Robert White in the final, Lee became the first comic to win the show in its […]


The deadline may have passed, but your need for GDPR education has not

You’re probably bored of hearing about GDPR by now, so I’ll try and keep this brief! From receiving emails from companies you signed up to years ago desperate to keep hold of your data, to the panic you may have noticed in the marketing and data handling teams in your own business- GDPR has dominated […]

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Just Looking Thanks! Audiobook Now Available through Myagi

World-renowned customer service and sales training expert Alf Dunbar is offering his audiobook ‘’Just Looking Thanks!’’ with Myagi. Alf, the founder and creator of ‘’You Are The Difference’’ told Myagi ‘’all the techniques and customer service principals from my programme were put into the book. Very simple, yet very effective. The print version of this […]

Richard Morrow Former Training Manager Mikes Bikes
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From Chief Retail Officer to Tech Training Guru; Richard Morrow on joining Myagi

Richard Morrow, former Chief Retail Officer at Mike’s Bikes has joined the expanding team at retail tech company Myagi. Rich has over a decades’ experience working in the cycle industry, working his way from Sales Manager all the way up to Chief of Retail before making the jump to the world of online training. During […]

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How Next are already prepared to bounce back from ‘Most challenging period in 25 years’

If you are involved in retail in any capacity you will no doubt have heard the news coming out of the UK retail giant Next last week, admitting it had suffered one of toughest trading periods for 25 years. With annual profits falling just over 8% for the 12 month period ending January 28th, Next […]

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Employee Turnover in Retail – 4 Tips for Retaining Staff

It pains your business every year and it pains the industry CONSTANTLY. On average, almost 70% of (part-time) staff will churn in a single year in retail. Without even scratching the surface you can see the huge impact that has on your business: Cost of recruitment Talent leakage (often to competitors) Wasted time & effort […]

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10 Videos to Help Sell More Cycle Products

Something has changed in the air. It’s already March (where has the time gone!?) and the winter wind seems to have lost its’ bite. The mornings are suddenly brighter than you remember and the sun seems to linger a little longer in the sky before dipping over the horizon. As a confused Game of Thrones […]


Why Retail is just like The Winter Olympics

Watching the Winter Olympics is fascinating. Sure, every sport requires some level of skill, precision, and coordination, but some of these events are mind-boggling. From flying down a mountain at 245 kmp to throwing yourself 8 feet into the air doing a triple body roll, landing on a single leg, which just happens to be […]