Experiential Retail

89% of retailers will arm associates with mobile tech in next 3 years

89% of retailers will be arming sales associates with Mobile Tech within the next 3 years, based on a report by BRP Consulting.

With the ever changing retail environment throwing up new challenges and obstacles for retailers to navigate, one constant trend has been the increased use of tech in our stores and retail spaces.

At Myagi we believe the shift towards mobile tech is something that is not only crucial but that should be tackled much quicker than within that 3 year window. Mobile devices and Apps for sales associates have become a vital asset for a range of purposes; Whether that be for PoS and mobile payments or to help empower the sales associate to perform best in their environment.

“Putting mobile devices in the hands of store associates is now a necessity to keep up with the customer who has a plethora of information available at her fingertips,” Perry Kramer, VP, BRP


What are those other 11% of retailers going to prioritize over this 3 year period? Retailers that have survived through this hostile period for brick & mortar stores are those that have adapted and embraced this shift towards tech.

The convenience and availability of tech is something that is constantly improving and that sales associates are now demanding. Myagi believes that sales associates are retails most valuable asset; The best retailers have reinvented their staff from transaction takers into experience makers.

Experiential retail is something of a buzzword at the moment, yet it is often understood as just the physical lay out or aesthetics of a store. In reality, they key experience makers in stores are your sales associates. They not only represent your business as a retailer but they are also the final representative of the brands you stock. It is essential retailers and brands look to invest time and resources into their staff on the shop floor if they want to capitalize on all the marketing and promotional efforts that occur before a customer walks in.