6 Ways to Get your Sales Managers on Board with New Training

While you’ve achieved the buy-in from your executive team -which is no small feat, the members of your organization that will truly be active participants of your new digital training platform will be your sales staff. Though you have great intentions for implementing a new tool, it can be difficult to convince your sales managers that taking this digital-first approach to training is highly beneficial for them and their sales staff. Here are a just a few benefits of digital training that will appeal to your Sales Managers:

Mobile & Millennial Friendly

With your sales associates being already tethered to their phone, having training that they can accomplish through their smartphones ensures the highest levels of activity. Technological advancements such as video content and push notifications will keep your sales staff engaged and motivated to complete their training.  

On Going & On Demand

As mentioned, with millennials being so technologically inclined, taking a mobile-first approach puts the training literally at the edge of their fingertips. Sales staff are now available to access training at any time and anywhere. Store managers can push for productivity during downtime on the sales floor over idle folding.

Limit Disruption

With the rising costs of travel, accommodation and non-existent way to track ROI – digital training offers a convenient and non-disruptive alternative to in-person training. Truthfully, it is near impossible to grasp the attention span of your associates for a full day! Face-to-face training is often times time-consuming and non-flexible for part-time staff. There is no longer a need to rearrange everyone’s schedules to fit a training session or worry about them falling behind when training is missed. With online learning, and the up to date product knowledge they acquire, your sales staff double as your sales professionals.

Quick Bursts of Memorable Knowledge

Long-winded training sessions are no longer effective, nor is that sales playbook that is collecting dust in your back room! With a shorter and quicker way to train, sales staff can complete their learning in smaller or larger chunks than they usually would, depending on what suits them and the way they learn. Can’t remember product information? They can easily go back to content for a refresher.

Instant Feedback & Requests For Knowledge

Keep all your communication in one place. Use your new system to provide and receive feedback on current training or to make requests for new training from your brands.

Collaboration & Competition

Your new digital software can encourage discussion, collaboration and information sharing between associates to meet specific sales goals. Encourage sales staff to create their own training and leverage the integrated gamification in order to keep associates engaged.

With the challenges that a sales team can face regularly, a digital training software can arm your sales staff by providing them with content, tools, knowledge, and skills that they need to be effective and excellent in their roles. An informed sales associate can develop their skills, increase customer loyalty, and increase product sales.