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Selling More Successfully to Your Buyers

Sep 13, 2017 6:28:20 AM / by Oli Swift posted in martec


Every relationship, professional or otherwise works most effectively when reciprocity is evident. With any seller to buyer relationship sales figures are the most crucial and potentially contentious element that can define long term success or rapid failure.

As a brand, you want to sell as much to your retailer as possible and in return your buyers want to sell through the most stock to the customer as they can at the most profitable margin. Most brands know that this is very often not a painless process. The need to be tactical is truly essential figuring out ways of working hand in hand with your retail customer in the most effective way possible to maximise your potential, by maximising theirs.

In a recent Myagi presentation, Brian Hume, Managing Director of Martec International had this to say about the current state of retail buyer-seller relationships based on feedback brands and retailers commonly offer when talking to Martec about their buying relationships.